Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – APF are fully insured for commercial operations, against injury and damage for each flight, to fly at altitudes of up to 100 feet/ 120 meters.

Yes – all of APF pilots are experienced and have passed the Civil Aviation Authority approved exams and flight assessments. They all hold the latest CAA A2 Certificate of Competency allowing to use “close to uninvolved people” C2 class drones – with less than 4kg maximum take-off mass.

We are allowed to fly from ground level up to a maximum altitude of 400ft / 120m. The airspace for manned aircraft is over 500ft so this leaves a separation zone of 100ft.

We do not fly in high winds and rain. We will always do a risk assessment on the site and decide if it’s safe to fly. Our drones are capable of flying in light rain but rainwater on camera lenses can spoil shots.

We monitor weather forecast, if the signs are not good we will talk to the client 24 hours prior to the shot.

If we both decide to hold to the agreed date and we have bad weather, our pilots will wait on site as long as possible.

If we reschedule the date because of the weather the booking deposit will be transferred to a new date.  We are as flexible as possible to ensure that bookings can be rearranged.

We will supply edited photos and video clips within 48 hours after taking the shots. If you order promotional videos they will be ready within 7 days.

For most projects, we will deliver edited digital photos and video clips via digital transfer to your email.

It’s typically not necessary for you to be on site for the shot, however you are welcome to join us if you feel it will be beneficial. Our drone pilots are trained professionals and can capture high quality photographs and videos in any setting. 

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